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Providing Meaningful Experiences to Enhance Quality of Life

Our purpose is to use miniature therapy horses to enhance the quality of life of those we serve in our community. Individuals of all ages and limitations with physical, cognitive, emotional, and behavioral disabilities find comfort, empowerment, self-esteem, unconditional love, strength, therapeutic interaction and value while working with the miniature horses.

We currently visit hospitals, assisted living communities, schools, community outreach events and others within our community that would benefit from animal assisted therapy and/or activities. Our therapy visits evoke emotional, spiritual, and physical connections. DD’s Miracle Minis programming provides an opportunity for participants to visit, pet, hug, groom, walk, and make memorable connections with our therapy horses. We are solely a volunteer based organization; and do not have any paid staff. We train and work with our miniature therapy horses several days per week. Training includes de-sensitizing the horses to sights, sounds, smells and any situation they may encounter at the various facilities we visit.

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We strive to make a difference

At Miracle Minis, our unwavering dedication fuels our pursuit of positive change, as we endeavor to create a world where compassion leads to positive interactions with animals for our visitors. Through our various campaigns and outreach efforts, we believe in the massive impact these experiences can have with the groups we serve.

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Bring Animal-Assisted Therapy to those who need it most

Through our programs, we bring comfort and healing to individuals in need, fostering connections that uplift spirits and bring joy to the lives of those facing challenges. Join us in making a tangible difference by supporting this initiative that combines the power of animals with therapeutic care to create moments of transformation.

Meet Our Founder

Meet Lindsey Ryan, the visionary founder behind Miracle Minis, whose passion and dedication have fueled our journey of compassion and positive change.

Lindsey Ryan

Lindsey Ryan


Hear What Others Are Saying

Discover the profound impact of our work firsthand as individuals share their heartfelt stories and experiences, highlighting the transformative power of our initiatives.

Lindsey's impact on our family is immeasurable. For almost two years, she's provided speech therapy to my neurodivergent 5-year-old daughter, and the change has been incredible. Beyond her exceptional speech therapy skills, Lindsey's genuine love for her young patients and her passion for animals create a unique and inspiring environment.
Her infectious positivity and unwavering optimism enhance therapy outcomes. Initially non-verbal with frequent, lengthy tantrums, my daughter now engages in conversations, expresses her needs, and peacefully interacts with her siblings.
Lindsey's influence goes beyond speech and behavior; it extends to our entire family. We can't adequately express our gratitude for her transformative impact and unwavering support.

Elli's Mom