Post: Lindsey’s impact on our family is immeasurable.

Lindsey’s impact on our family is immeasurable.

Lindsey has been providing speech therapy to my now-5-yr old neurodivergent daughter for almost two years, and it would not be an exaggeration to say that she has transformed our lives from ones wrought with uncertainty and fear to ones full of hope and joyful anticipation for the future. Although she is both highly skilled and extraordinarily gifted at teaching the nuts and bolts of speech to children of all ages and abilities, Lindsey’s value transcends articulation, fluency, pragmatics, and semantics. Her love for the children and families she serves is deep and genuine, and it is rivaled only by the love she has for her animals and, of course, her own family. Lindsey’s positivity, cheerfulness, and eternal optimism are contagious, and they immeasurably enhance the effectiveness of any therapy she provides. Lifting a child’s spirits, building her confidence, and providing her with a safe, loving learning environment dramatically increases her receptiveness, processing, and retention, and doing the same for a child’s family ensures that the trajectory of the child’s development will continue to be upward long after therapy ends.

From a purely practical perspective, Lindsey has transformed my daughter. When we first began therapy with her, my daughter was very nearly non-verbal, and she threw epic tantrums with disturbing frequency and duration (multiple times daily and, sometimes, for an hour or more). Now, my daughter is conversational, asks appropriately for what she needs and wants, and engages in productive play with her five siblings. Most importantly, she never tantrums anymore, and when she does act out, the episodes are short in duration, and she is very easily redirected.

There simply are no words to adequately describe how grateful we are for Lindsey. She has unquestionably had a monumental impact on my daughter’s speech and behavioral development, but it is the love, support, grace, encouragement, and compassion that Lindsey has so selflessly shown our entire family that we will cherish for a lifetime.

~Elli’s Mom

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